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An animal gives us so much joy and love - no matter how big it may be ...
That's why an animal has a right to a dignified burial for me ...
As a sign of gratitude!
For this reason, I make cattle for animals and small animals with love and heart blood. It does not matter how big the animal is - I build the right animal for every animal.
My coffins are all very spacious, so that the animal can be embedded in its usual sleeping position.
Materials - wood, moss, fabric and what you would like to have - also fresh woody plants, flowers etc can be there. Each coffin is unique and is also equipped according to needs and wishes. Therefore, the photos are also only patterns !!!
However, every coffin is completely made of wood - I do not use cardboard boxes! Furthermore, I try to offer something for every purse, because unfortunately not everyone has so much money for a worthy farewell of his favorite has - therefore: Please inquire!
For this reason, I also offer different versions for interior furnishing ...
Gladly also with inscription, which I burn or with slate plate ..... or but also completely individually according to your wishes .....
All photos are samples
Every pet owner has the right to bury his beloved pet in his own garden. It must not lie in the water protection area, it must be at least 2 m from public water supply. Ways and places and be covered at least with 50cm of soil. In the Bremen area, however, one should obtain permission from the municipality, since Bremen has a very high level of groundwater.
The price is valid for the variant on the picture (The biggest variant for cats and small dogs) only in the desired colors. For small animals the price is also cheaper. Just tell me the size of the animal with your wishes.

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