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Do you like to party in the party basement or outside?
Then here comes exactly the right thing for you.
Upcycling is getting bigger and bigger and I always like to participate.
I make these great oil lamps from small schnapps bottles.
The burning time is a good 4 hours.
Please note that the vials must not be overturned, otherwise the oil can escape.
Please do not let it burn unattended.
You can buy the vials from me in 4 oil colors.
Blue, red, green or yellow.
These are then delivered unfilled there is a small separate bottle of the delivery with 20ml lamp oil in your desired color.
Just turn the cap from the Shnapps bottle on, pour in the lamp oil, screw the cap back on tightly and wait until the wick has completely sucked up.
Then of course we also offer you the bottle without filling, so you can fill it with your own lamp oil at home.

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