Mud kitchen play wagon wooden sandpit

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Sand + water = mud & fun! This massive, weather-resistant and modern designed mud kitchen made of untreated solid wood is the new star in the garden and on the balcony! Playable from all four sides, as an outdoor kitchen it offers several children space for creative play. Unique: thanks to unbreakable wheels, it can be moved to your heart's content! An oven whose two knobs make a “click”, a large mud bowl, two mud pots and two metal plant pots as well as recesses, elongated holes, hooks and storage space for tidying gardening tools, cooking equipment and mud utensils complete the extraordinary “summer kitchen”! This mud kitchen invites children to mash to their hearts' content. The oven is a special game highlight! It has two preassembled bars for inserting the “baking sheet”. The oven door can be opened completely by reaching into the recess. A magnetic catch ensures that the door closes securely. The two plant pots can not only be used for mud, they can also be planted with flowers, herbs and much more, or they can be used as collecting containers. The two small pots in the upper area can also be used to organize smaller items. Long garden tools can be safely stowed away using the elongated holes on two levels. For a long-lasting use, the untreated wood can be adjusted in color to your own needs with a wood protection glaze.
An absolute must-have for the role play range and outdoor range

    weather-resistant, untreated solid wood, can be individually designed
    playable from all four sides
    easy to move thanks to sturdy wheels
    practical recesses for equipment, horse mackerel and water hose
    with a large mud bowl and worktop
    Oven with "click" knobs and wooden baking tray, oven door with magnetic catch
    extra planting area with two metal plant pots
    two metal mud pots for collecting, storing and scooping water


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