Candle in a glass with 100% recycled wax

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Candle in a glass, with a desired color

The candles in the glass are an upcycled product. The glass is new and may differ from the pictures, the wax is 100% leftover wax.

You can also put them on the windowsill, as it is often too drafty for normal candles. The glass protects them from the wind and they flicker alive.

They are very easy to care for when burning, you should make sure to keep the wick quite short, about 0.5cm. And beware, the glass gets quite hot at the top, this should not be underestimated and therefore please keep small children and pets away from the flame!

Since they are cast by hand, they are always different in color and the thickness of the individual layers of paint can also vary.

Because the heat stays in the glass, the top layer of wax melts completely and the candle burns very effectively.
For safety reasons, the candle is designed in such a way that approx. 1cm of wax remains at the end and the wick tips over and thus extinguishes itself.


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