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Beautiful teether made of silicone, wood and acrylic. All materials used are free of harmful substances. We are happy to personalize your set according to your wishes. There are max. 9 letters possible. The number of pearls can vary depending on the length of the name.

All pacifier chains, hand and teething rings, stroller and bite chains are in accordance with DIN EN 12586 (pacifier chain regulation) and DIN 71-1.71-2.71-3.71-9-12 (toy safety) according to 2009/48 / EG (toy directive) tested and manufactured according to DIN.
For your child's safety
At the first sign of damage or defects, throw it away immediately!
More information
Color abrasion is inevitable due to contact with the child's saliva. However, this does not affect the safety of the product. Signs of wear and tear due to intended use do not constitute a defect.
Made in Germany. Please keep this information carefully.
Please include if the product is to be given away.
Check the teether before each use. Please do not repair the product but dispose of it immediately at the first sign of damage or defects. The product may only be used under supervision.
Cleaning instructions:
The teether must not be washed in the washing machine or dishwasher, or cleaned in a sterilizer. Cleaning is only permitted with a damp cloth without the use of cleaning agents or disinfectants.
All materials used are selected in accordance with DIN EN 71
- The BPA-free silicone beads used are food-safe.
- As wood is a natural material, it should not be exposed to moisture over a long period of time.

The article was manufactured conscientiously and in compliance with the applicable statutory regulations and guidelines DIN EN 71.


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