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I manufacture individually - according to your request - pacifier chains, key rings, tooth boxes, bag danglers, bite chains, teething rings, stroller chains, grasping toys, car mirror pendants, baby car seat pendants, jewelry, lamps, rake chains, Christmas articles, Easter articles with your desired name for your loved ones.

A personal and unique gift for birth, birthday, baptism or to make yourself happy. Every production becomes an enchanting one-off. I am available for questions at any time by phone or email.

A personalized stroller chain is something very special for the little ones to play, see, hear and discover. The chain can be attached to any stroller with clips.

If you want this chain with name, please write it in the order with the desired name. If a name is to be incorporated, the large ring in the middle is omitted. Please note that umlauts and special characters are not possible with the letter cubes. The suitable pacifier chain, grasping toy and pocket dangler can be manufactured for all stroller chains.

Used material:

All wooden materials used comply with DIN EN 71-3 (standard for migration of certain elements from toys / toy material). All wooden components are sweat, color and saliva resistant. Saliva-proof means that mere contact with saliva does not lead to color abrasion. There is no danger to your child at any time, since all materials are harmless. We are not liable for damage.

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