Pacifier chain with name girls

Pacifier chain with name girls

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Wood, plastic, pure cotton, metal
Pacifier chain with or without a name for your darling or as a gift to your loved ones ...

-Tell me the name of the child immediately after ordering!
-Maximum of 8 letters are possible.
- Any pacifier chain is also possible without a name. Please specify.

 Long names

The shown pacifier chains are design examples, which are changed depending on the length of the name or your individualization requirements in order not to exceed the legal norm of the pacifier chains of 22cm length (from clip).
With long names this can be from the 6th letter, depending on the chain, either the illustrated motif beads decorated with wooden beads / lenses are left hanging on the side or completely omitted. Another option is to omit the lens beads between the letters.

I process names with up to 8 letters. Names that have 9 or more letters (Charlotte, Maximilian, Christopher, etc.) will not be processed by me. For this reason, please do not buy chains if the name has 9 or more letters.

What is also not possible are double names. Here I would ask you to use only one of the two names.

❤️ I use the following material for the pacifier chains, grasping toys and pendants

Crochet applications such as crochet collar and crochet bead / crochet belly where a wooden bead is crocheted are made of cotton (pure).

All cords used are colourfast and tearproof. The cords are braided from polyester (PP multifilament).

Motif beads such as teddy heads, fox heads, flowers, hearts, stars, cars, butterflies, clouds, motifs with sayings, crowns, owls, horses, locomotives, thread bodies are made of wood.

Round beads (8mm, 10mm, 12mm), lens beads (10mm, 14mm), safety beads (10mm, 12mm), rings (35mm, 85mm), half rings (100mm) are made of wood.

Fastening clips are partly made of wood. The clamping part of the fastening clips is made of metal. Bells are made of metal.

The white letters shown are made of plastic / acrylic (10x10mm). No umlauts (Ä, Ö, Ü, É, Á) can be included. Alternatively, I offer wooden letters (10mm) made of maple wood.

The selection of materials (pacifier chains and grasping toys) is made in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 71-3 (standard for migration of certain elements from toys / toy material).

❗ Warning / Important information for the safety of the child!

- Caution ! Please check the pacifier chain / holder before each use and dispose of it at the first sign of defects or damage.

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