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Hello, I like to take photos of the most beautiful places from the most beautiful angles.
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History of the pier in Kellenhusen:
The official inauguration of the pier took place on Friday, June 8, 2007 by the Minister of Economic Affairs of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, Mr. Dietrich Austermann, together with the Kellenhusen mayor Ingelore Kohlert.
The three-meter-wide steel-concrete construction with a surface and a railing of hard certified Bongossi wood, lies between 2.80 and 3.70 meters above sea level. A long promenade, which leads with a pronounced, space-like start past thematic islands, offers space for individual activities, up to the head on the "ship". Of course, all built facilities and facilities are accessible for the disabled.
The estimated costs for the overall construction project are around € 2,250,000. The enthusiasm of the minister and the many guests for the adventure pier with the three accessible themed islands was great and seduced to superlatives. For mayor Ingelore Kohlert, the bridge was another milestone on the way to making Kellenhusen tourist-ready for the future. Thus, after the construction of the new promenade and the redevelopment of the inner-city streets, Kellenhusen consistently continues on the path of giving the place a "special, expressive, beautiful, yet contemporary profile".
The fact that you can also enter the port of marriage on the new pier, reminded Pastor Volker Schönle. He had the first word on the occasion of the dedication and placed "the successful work of human architecture" under God's protection and blessing.
In the years before 1911 Kellenhusen was reached in two different ways. Up to the village Lensahn a railway line went and from there the guests were picked up by horse and car.
But there was also a steamship connection with Kiel, Lübeck and Fehmarn in summer. The guests were "booted" in Kellenhusen, so that the fishermen could earn an extra piece of money with this outboarding.
In the year 1911 the gentlemen Rüssau and Petersen built a steamer landing stage with a length of 420 m. Kellenhusen was then reached via Lübeck-Travemünde (city train station), then steam train journey to Kellenhusen. But also continue by land Lübeck, Neustadt, Lensahn and then in recent times by a postbus connection to Kellenhusen. The 420 m long jetty made it possible to dock the steamers in all weathers.
The bridge had in the aftermath of 1911 several times significant damage due to ice drift. Thus, in the severe winter of 1929, the Baltic Sea was frozen. On the shore and also between the Jochen der Brücke mountains of pack ice piled up. When the thaw started, the ice masses drifted away and took along the parts of the bridge in their drift. Completely destroyed by ice, however, the pier was not until the winter of 1941.
In 1963, the second landing bridge with a total length of 113 m was built. From there, regular excursions by the shipping company Freter from Heiligenhafen took place. But short trips on sailing ships, with a capacity for 10 passengers, were possible at this time.
The severe winter of 1972/1973 finally destroyed this bridge, which lasted a total of only 10 years.
In 1987, the 3rd pier in Kellenhusen was built and completed. This bridge had a total length of 140 m and was the center of many events. Since 1987, on the occasion of the birthday of this pier, the multi-day pier festival takes place.

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