Lantern Owl "Gisi" (Martinslaterne)

Lantern Owl "Gisi" (Martinslaterne)

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Gisi likes to be cuddly with mood lights.
Exactly why they are available in lantern form to Martinsumzug on electric lantern stick or throughout the year in the children's room with LED string lights in the stomach to distribute the "Unterm bed monster".
I made the lantern out of solid photo cardboard and strong tracing paper. let yourself be surprised by the light effect.
For a fairy lights, the electric tealight or a light rod you must please take care of yourself, because that is not included in the offer.
Ships from Tue. and Fri .. For shipping abroad, please inquire.
Size / Dimensions / Weight
WxHxD about 24x33x10cm
used material
Photocard, transparent paper, solvent-free craft glue

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