Sweet Angel wall lamp bulb, nightlight

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Hi Love Angel Fans

Offer you here a sweet ** ** Angel wall lamp with desirable name on.

It was then sealed by me in a loving hand with child-friendly acrylic paint and clear varnish. So they may also from time to time wipe damp. This cool lamp is equipped with a 10 he Lichterkette. She also has an on and off switch. A bracket has been mounted by me, so that may be the lamp hung with two black nails. So the lamp serves as a beautiful decoration on the day and in the evening it is a great night light, Schlummerlicht. Please give me after buying her wish to name.

Super colors and decorative decorate this beautiful Wandlampe

Dimensions :
The height: approx.30 cm
The width: about 20 cm


A real eye-catcher for the kids.
Still offer further great things, such as lamps, etc ..
It is worth it.
A great gift for your little one, to baptism, birthdays, birth, school enrollment or other occasions

Caution due to the individuality of the lamps shall be excluded a return
In case you wish I make them like a subject of their choice. Do not hesitate. Write me just below the email address service@schnaeppchen-laedchen.de on.

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