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Beautiful handmade wall lamp with light chain and switch or batteries for the children's room !!
(Free labeling, additional colors + models possible)

Basic color of the cloud: brighter Free Selectable hue

Do you just decorate or look for an unusual and, above all, individual gift?
Here it is:

This cute hand-painted children's wall lamp serves as a real sight during the day and is a charming slumbering light that accompanies your treasure into the land of dreams ...
The handmade lamp is hand painted in wood and hand painted with non-toxic acrylic artist paints. Then I sealed them with clear lacquer specially for children's wooden toys ... J

Small wooden spacers are attached at the rear, where small hooks can be hung up. So you just need hammer and nail, plug into the socket or batteries into the battery compartment ... and already this great lamp decorates a wall in the nursery!

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Groesse ca. 30x20cm
Lichterkette 10er Batterie

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