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Shoulder bag sewn from old jeans with a wide shoulder strap that can easily accommodate two large file folders or a laptop and books.
For all pocket freaks between 10 and 100 years, whether for swimming, for school, a short overnight stay or or or.
This jeans pocket is sewn from a medium blue / stonewash jeans. Dimensions without strap approx. 36x40cm with strap approx. 56x40cm. Inner fabric in white / blue with flowers.
It can be closed with the fabric belt. Simply pull the bow or knot in and things are safe.
Since all jeans are different, neither looks like the other.
Larger or smaller, a different inner material and whether a strap or a shoulder strap, everything is possible. (JUST ASKS)
Unfortunately, I cannot influence the color of the jeans or the washes, but you are welcome to mention them here.


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