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Soap lavender luxury
For soap fans and purists, "Lavender Luxury" soap without packaging at an affordable price.
She is wonderfully nurturing and
gentle on dry skin.
Lavender oil also has a calming effect on sensitive skin.
Pure luxury for your hands.
Aqua, sodium laurate, sodium stearate, sucrose, sorbitol sodium, probylene, glycol, PEG 40 castor oil, lavender oil, lavender flowers, soap color, glitter
The soaps have a fresh weight of 90g. It is the weight of the soap immediately after it was cut, one day after it was made. In the time they are lying down they lose approx. 15% of moisture or weight. This makes them harder and also foams better. Small deviations are unavoidable. The
Best before date is at least 2 years from production. The storage of a soap that has already been sold also affects this process.
My products and their names are protected by copyright. Please respect this!
Also wrapped in foil on request for an additional charge of € 0.50.
Size / dimensions / weight
90g / piece fresh weight
Manufacturing method
Handmade with love.

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