Seat / chair pad in desired colors

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Seat pads / chair cushion with mattresses effect for outdoors or indoors.
  lined with 7cm thick foam
  to combine great
If you have a color preference or happy with motif so they write to me before your order an e-mail. If they do not send me they get a surprise cushion

The offer price relates to a seat cushion (40x40cm dimensions)
The buttons are your choice customized color and can therefore have a different size.
Size / Weight / Dimensions
40 x 40cm
used material
Cotton fabric, yarn, fiberfill
sewn with love
Customisation options
Many cotton fabrics to choose from. The Summary for cottons you gain on request via e-mail
about 20 plain-colored cotton fabrics to choose from and also many cotton fabrics with pattern such as Animals, flowers, dots, stars, children motifs and and and

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