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Helicopter pacifier chain
Pacifier chain with name - maximum 3 letters. Each additional letter €0.20
The chains are modified accordingly, depending on the length of the name, in compliance with the maximum length permitted by law.
•All of the paints I use are non-toxic, sweat and saliva resistant.
•The metal parts used are made of stainless steel.
•The wooden clips for the pacifier chains are equipped with 3 ventilation holes.
•The cords used are saliva and colorfast and have a high tear resistance.
•All materials used are free of heavy metals and solvents. I manufacture my pacifier chains according to the new European standard for pacifier holders EN 12586. The materials for the pacifier chains are selected according to the European safety standard for migration of certain elements EN 71-1, 2, -3.
• White acrylic letters are used
Before each use you should check the pacifier chain!! Dispose of the dummy chain immediately if there are signs of defects or damage. Due to the risk of strangulation, the length of the dummy chain is limited to 22 cm. The length of the dummy chain is measured from the clip and also includes the length of the loop. Never increase the length of the pacifier chain! Never leave your child unattended with the pacifier chain. The fastening clips are equipped with ventilation holes to prevent suffocation if the pacifier chain is swallowed. Never attach the dummy chain to belts, ribbons or loose parts of clothing. Never put the dummy chain in the cradle, playpen or bed. Any extension of the pacifier chain is prohibited. The pacifier chain is not a toy. The color abrasion that occurs in connection with saliva does not affect the safety of the dummy chain. The lacquers used are non-toxic and do not endanger your child's health. Please keep in mind that the effects of moisture on the wooden elements can cause the paint to peel off.
Suitable for children from 10 months!

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