Pacifier chain with name owl crochet bead

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Dummy chain girl with name, owl, star and crochet bead, personalized gift baby
With this lovingly handcrafted pacifier chain with a name, the baby's pacifier will no longer get lost.
The dummy chain is also a very special gift/souvenir for expectant parents or for occasions such as baby showers, christenings, birthdays and so on...
- Please tell me the name of the baby directly in the ordering process.
- A maximum of 8 letters can be incorporated.
- Each dummy chain is also possible without a name.
- Names up to 3 letters without surcharge, each additional letter costs €0.20 extra.
Depending on the length of the name, the composition of the beads/lenses varies and will be adjusted by me. With longer names, the motifs are attached to the side or the lenses between the letters have to be omitted.
The white letters shown are made of plastic/acrylic (10x10mm). Of these, no umlauts (Ä, Ö, Ü, É) can be incorporated.
The dummy chains have a legal maximum length of 22 cm (measured without the clip up to the loop) and must not be exceeded for safety reasons.
The materials (pacifier chains and grasping toys) are selected according to the requirements of DIN EN 71-3 (standard for the migration of certain elements from toys/toy materials).
Wood is known to be a natural material. The mere contact with saliva usually does not lead to any detachment or wear of the paint. However, contact with saliva in connection with mechanical influences (e.g. chewing, biting or sucking) can lead to wear. This type of wear and tear is not a reason for complaint and does not justify a right of exchange or return.
- DANGER ! Please inspect the pacifier chain/holder before each use and discard at the first sign of defects or damage.
- Please do not extend the dummy chain/holder yourself, as the maximum length of 22 cm must not be exceeded due to the risk of strangulation.
- Never attach the dummy chain/holder to belts, ribbons or loose parts of clothing, otherwise there is a risk of strangulation for your child!
Make sure you have a secure hold on the garment. The dummy chain should only be attached to clothing. Only use the pacifier chain outside of the playpen, bed or crib.
It is expressly pointed out that no liability is accepted for any type of risk that can be attributed to improper use of the dummy chains/products.

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