Pacifier chain with name and crown

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A beautiful pacifier chain for your minis designed according to your wishes.
Here you get the pacifier chain with the crown. Of course also available in other colors.
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beautiful articles!
I am happy to create the pacifier chain completely for you - you will not in the shop
Find it, just write to me!

Please note that my pacifier chains from pacifier mounting to the clip are no longer than 22cm.
They thus comply with the EU standard DIN EN 12586 to prevent strangulation due to a chain that is too long.
With this safety measure, it can happen with long first names that individual pearls have to be dropped.
All materials used are nickel free (clip) and saliva and sweat resistant (wood).
You will never find materials from overseas / China with me but only quality pearls and motif pearls,
made in Germany. I also do not hang figurines or other pendants made of plastic or
even metals on the pacifier chain.
Safety notice:
Check the pacifier chain before each use and never leave your child unattended.
A pacifier chain does not belong in bed. Please do not put the pacifier chain in the dishwasher or
Clean the sterilizer, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

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