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Sugar sweet pacifier chain with name ♡
Our personalized pacifier chain "Mouse" in pink is the perfect baby gift for birth, christening, baby shower or 1st birthday, or just for your loved ones. Thanks to our cute pacifier chain with names and silicone beads, the pacifier alarm for mom and dad is finally over!
The article includes all components that can be seen on the product photo.
‼ ️Max. 8 letters possible,
the number and arrangement of the pearls can vary, depending on the length of the name‼ ️
Umlauts (ä, ö, ü), “ß” or numbers cannot be used with the silicone letters.
Silicone ring for holders of loose pacifiers - please inquire before buying.
♥ The safety of the little mice is particularly important to us ♥
- The pacifier chains / baby products / products for infants / toddler products are made exclusively with high-quality materials that are sourced from German manufacturers. The choice of materials is made in compliance with DIN EN 71-3.
Our materials are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of DIN-EN 71-3
(Standard for the migration of certain elements from toys / toy material) and DIN 12586 (safety requirements)
All of the colors I use are non-toxic, sweat and saliva-proof and free of harmful substances.
The metal parts used are made of stainless steel. They are nickel and rust free.
The silicone clips are equipped with 3 ventilation holes.
The cords used are saliva and colourfast and have a tear strength of at least 9kg.
All materials used are free from heavy metals and solvents.

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