Pacifier chain for long names "Blume-rosa"

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+ Lovingly designed pacifier chains with the child's name. Here the child's name is incorporated into the pacifier chain with letter cubes. In this way, names can be wonderfully immortalized on the pacifier chain. This special personalization makes the pacifier chains unique and is also a very nice gift for birth, baptism or gift for a baby shower. Confusion is impossible with the personalized pacifier chain. It is also a practical helper for everyday life and a great memory for later
Due to the risk of strangulation in babies and toddlers, the maximum length of the pacifier chain should not be longer than 22cm. Therefore, the number and shape of the pearls can vary slightly depending on the name length.
Possible number of letters for longer names with a motif:
8 letters
No motifs are incorporated into 9-10 letters.
Double names:
In the case of double names, a pearl is also required to separate the names. Therefore it takes up a place like for a letter. Please take this into account.
No apostrophe or special characters possible. The normal alphabet from A-Z applies without umlauts.
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