Bath praline / bath bomb "Many scents"

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Soda, citric acid, coconut oil, perfume oil, starch, food coloring, flowers / tea, glitter
Small bath bomb with delicate flowers, tea or glitter (depending on the scent) - pleasantly fresh! Simply add the bath praline to the bath water, it begins to dissolve bubbling and foaming, releasing the refreshing aroma and the nourishing coconut oil. Not only do you treat your skin to a nourishing emulsion, but also your senses a pleasant break. Handcrafted from fine ingredients to create a really fine bubble bath in the bathtub. Relax and let your "soul" wander. The bath bomb feels like silk on the skin in the bath water.

Application: Add the bath praline to the continuously warm bath water. It bubbles up and releases the scent into the bath water. The oil it contains cares for your skin while you are bathing. Rubbing on is absolutely superfluous after the bath.
2-3 balls are sufficient for a full bath.

Weight: 15 grams

Suitable for vegans!

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